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Monday, 17 July 2017

Glossybox July 2017

Hey everyone, I thought it might be easy to get back into the swing of blogging with an unboxing of this month's Glossybox. This month's box is Summer themed, to get everyone ready for the hot weather and holiday season. 

The first item in this month's box is a couple of spiral hair bands from the brand Papanga. I've never heard of this brand before but I have tried hair bands like these in the past. They're designed to keep your hair in place without breaking your hair. I've found that these hair bands work wonders for me since I use a lot of heat treatment on my hair quite often. They keep my hair exactly where I want it but don't pull and give me a headache. 

The next product is one that I'm super excited about, the A10 small fan brush from Spectrum Collections. I've been eyeing this brush up for a while and when it was announced for this month's box, I was over the moon. Fan brushes are perfect for applying highlighter, giving you an amazing glow!  The super soft bristles are synthetic which means it's cruelty-free (another bonus) I can't wait to use this brush and have a gorgeous glowing face!

Up next is a product that is absolutely adorable, a lip and cheek tinted balm shaped like a macaroon. It's scented with crushed berry and smells amazing. This balm is perfect for throwing into your handbag when you're in a hurry. It leaves a nice sheer finish that is perfect for the summer months! I've never used a cheek tint like this before but I will definitely be trying this out!

The next product is one I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this summer and it is a soothing after sun lotion. I have quite sensitive skin so even 10 minutes in the sun will make me go a red as a tomato, so having after sun is very important. This lotion is infused with aloe vera and shea butter so not only is it great for your skin, it smells amazing too!

Last but not least is a banana setting powder from Bella Pierre Cosmetics. Banana powder was all the rage a few months ago as the perfect under-eye product. I'd say my skin is quite pale so usually banana powder is a little too yellow for me, and I just look a little bit daft so I probably won't be using this product. 

Overall I'm very happy with the products I received in this month's Glossybox. I'll definitely get lots of use out of the after sun lotion and the small fan brush. I can't wait to see what's in August's box!

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