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Thursday, 6 October 2016

A-Z of Me

I absolutely love posts that show the real person behind the blog, so when I stumbled across this A-Z of me I just had to do it myself! I thought it would be the perfect way for any readers to get to know the real me! So let's get straight into it.

Autumn. Out of all the seasons, Autumn is definitely my favourite. With Winter coming a close second! I love everything about it, the darker makeup, hot chocolate and duvet days and who could forget the woolly jumpers?!

Blogging. Although I had almost a year break from blogging, I am constantly reading other blogs. I find it so relaxing and love to read peoples' opinions on things!

Chocolate. I have a habit of buying loads of chocolate and eating it all at once, instead of saving some for later like most people haha!

Disney. I spend most of my time watching Sky Movies Disney, or singing along to the movie soundtracks. One day, I WILL go to Disneyland!

Emojis. I think I definitely use emojis way too much. Since the iOS10 update, I barely write anything properly now! My most used are probably the cry-laughing face or the heart-eye face.

Friends. Both the friends I have in real life, and the tv show. I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I do have, I know I can rely on. Also, Friends the tv show is one of my favourite shows!

Google. Anyone that knows me knows that I Google literally everything! I'm always the one with useless facts I've remembered from Googling something unnecessary.

Harry Potter. If I'm not watching anything Disney, I'm glued to the tv watching Harry Potter or re-reading the books for the millionth time! It is my all time favourite book/movie series!

Internet. I spend nearly every minute of my life on the Internet whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, I'm always online somewhere!

Jewellery. I absolutely love any kind of jewellery, although my collection is only small, I feel like jewellery can either make or break any outfit.

KUWTK. Love them or hate them, the Kardashian/Jenner family are all over social media. Personally, I love them! Kourtney and Kylie are definitely my fave sisters!

Lazy. Most people would agree that I'm a very lazy person in that I'll take any opportunity I can to have a nap! 22 going on 80!

Makeup. I have a slight obsession with makeup, I've definitely got way more than I need and probably have loads of stuff still in the packaging!

Nails. I regularly get my nails done, and feel naked without acrylics on. The only bad thing is I can't have bright colours for work. :(

Obsessive. I have a bad habit of being completely obsessed with something for months to the point where I get sick of it. Unless I'm really interested in something, I just won't bother with it.

Pizza. Another one of my favourite foods is pizza but I don't really rate Domino's or Pizza Hut. Give me a proper greasy pizza anyday, as long as it doesn't have pineapple though because everyone knows pineapple doesn't belong on pizza!

Quotes. I'm constantly on Pinterest looking at cute life quotes and sharing them on my Instagram!

Ross. My boyfriend who I've been with for nearly 4 years! I love him to pieces and can't imagine my life without him even if he is a pain in the bum sometimes haha!

Shopping. I'm a shopaholic, no question about it. When I get paid, I always buy myself stuff that I know I don't need. What is wrong with me?!

Temper. I have a very short temper and constantly have mini breakdowns haha. I hate conflict though and will avoid arguments as much as I can!

Untidy. If I could employ a maid/cleaner then I definitely would. I constantly leave stuff everywhere then complain about having to tidy it up. It's an endless cycle!

Valentine's Day. The only day besides our anniversary where Ross and I will actually show public displays of affection, usually on Facebook but it still counts haha!

Walking. Taking my dog for a walk relaxs me a ridiculous amount. Sometimes it's nice to just walk and appreciate the nature around me.

X-factor. I used to watch x-factor a few years ago but haven't watched it since Simon Cowell left. Even though he's now back, I still don't bother watching it. It's too obvious of a fix nowadays and doesn't make for great TV in my book.

YouTube. What would we do without YouTube? It's such a diverse platform with everything from makeup tutorials to gamers. It's got something for everyone and I love it!

Zoeva. I've been lusting after the Zoeva rose gold makeup brushes for so long! My brush collection will not be complete without them!

So that's the A-Z of me, I hope you enjoyed reading about me. 
What's on your A-Z? 

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