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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Birchbox October 2016

Hey everyone! Today's post is going to be an unboxing of this month's Birchbox. 


At first glance this box has a gorgeous pattern and is designed based on the four elements; earth, wind, air and fire. This also matches up with your starsign so because I'm Aries, I received a fire designed box. I love the drawer design of this box, I think it's super cute and could also be used to store other makeup and beauty bits. Apparently the box is glow in the dark too but I'm yet to test that rumour! I'd also like to apologise for the damage to my box, my dog got hold of it before I got chance to take some nice photos haha!

Whish Renewing Mud Mask

The first item I pulled out of the box is this Whish renewing mud mask. It's an exfoliating mask used to brighten and purify skin. I've always been a big fan of mud masks because I have terrible skin so I will definitely be using this! It's also great for if you're in a rush because you can leave it on for as little as 15 seconds!

Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream

The next product is a rich and nourishing body lotion from Rituals, scented with the japanese flower sakura (cherry blossom). It has a super sweet floral scent which I'm not a big fan of if I'm honest but it's a really smooth lotion. Everyone loves a good body lotion so I will definitely be adding this to my daily routine! 

Doux Me Pure Spring Mist

Up next is this water mist which is designed to refresh dry skin. This product baffled me a little bit because it literally is just a water spray.. I did spritz this over my face to try it and I can't lie, it did make me feel very fresh and awake. This spray is perfect for winter months, when my skin gets really dry and needs all the help it can get! I'll definitely be using this to see if it makes a difference to my skin but it's just water so I probably won't repurchase, unless it can convince me otherwise!

Bodyism Beauty Food Supplement
The next product I pulled out of the box is this food supplement which is made with an all natural blend of vitamins, antioxidants and herbal extracts. It claims to help you to feel your best inside and out, which is perfect if for any reason you can't get the right vitamins in your regular diet. You're supposed to put one full sachet in either a glass of water and a smoothie, once a day. I've only received one full sachet, which is only a day's worth so I probably won't benefit from trying this product.

Lord & Berry Matte Crayon Lipstick
Shade Intimacy

Up next is a product I'm really excited about, it's a lipstick crayon from Lord & Berry, which combines a lipstick and a balm that gives a matte finish. It has a beautiful creamy formula and the shade is gorgeous! Definitely one I'll be wearing during the autumnal months!

Number 4 Restore & Repair Oil

The last product in this month's Birchbox is this hair oil that transforms dull hair to shiny sleek locks. It can be applied to dry or damp hair which is perfect if I'm in a bit of a rush! I've never tried any hair oils before so I'm a little bit sceptical but I'll be trying this out to see if it makes any difference to my hair!

Overall, I'd say I'm very happy with this month's Birchbox. I absolutely love the design of the box and will use all the products, except the food supplement but it's always nice to receieve something different to try out!

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