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Monday, 22 May 2017

Birchbox May 2017

Hey everyone, hope you're all feeling good even though it's Monday! Today I have an unboxing of this month's Birchbox, which can I just say is the best design ever! Marble and rose gold, it's the perfect box to match an Instagram theme!

 First up is this volume spray from Beauty Protector which I think is a brand exclusive to Birchbox, maybe even their own brand! This spray is used to increase volume and add shine without making it sticky or weighing it down. It has no parabens and is 100% vegan which is perfect for people that struggle to find products that aren't. I struggle quite a lot with my hair thinning after the first day of washing so this (hopefully) will be perfect for me.

 The next product is a liquid exfoliant from Paula's Choice. I've never heard of this brand before, admittedly because I don't buy a lot of different skincare products. This really intrigued me as all the exfoliators I've used before have been a really thick consistency whereas this is literally just like water! It contains 2% BHA liquid which works hard to unclog the skin leaving it clear and calm without damaging it! My skin doesn't usually get too bad but now that it's getting warmer out, I've had oilier skin which has caused a few breakouts. I'll definitely be trying this out to see if it helps!

 Up next is a firming body cream from Whish. I've received a lot of products from Whish in previous Birchboxes and I've loved all of them! This body cream is designed to smooth blemishes, soften and protect the skin. It contains shea butter, cocoa seed butter and green tea which not only work wonders for your skin, they also make the product smell amazing! I can't wait to use this and hopefully I love it as much as their other products!

 The next product I received is a mascara from Doucce. I've heard a few YouTubers talk about this brand, but they've never gone into a lot of detail. This mascara has the biggest I've ever seen!! I suppose that's the perfect way to add volume and thickness to your lashes! I really like mascaras that have 'proper' wands instead of those thin plastic ones. This looks like it will grab every single lash and lift it to high heaven! This is also the perfect size to just chuck in your handbag if you're travelling.

Last but not least is this really cute mineral eyeshadow from Marsk. I've not heard of this brand either but I will definitely be looking up some of their other stuff because this eyeshadow shade is beautiful!! I received the shade Vanilla Frosting but I believe you could also get Fifty Shades, but it was a random pick. This is the full size eyeshadow which seems a bit small at 1.2g, especially since it has a price tag of nearly £15! I swatched this on my hand and it is the most gorgeous icy white shade which would be perfect either in the centre of the lid, as an inner corner highlight or even as a face highlight! 

I wasn't overly excited by the contents of this box, as I don't do a lot in terms of skincare, but I suppose it might make me be more thoughtful of my skin. I absolutely love the Marsk eyeshadow and can't wait to try so many looks with it! I'm also looking forward to using the volume spray, hopefully it gives my hair a bit more oomph!

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this month's Birchbox, if you'd like to sign up click here to receive £5 off your first box!

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