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Monday, 29 May 2017

May Favourites 2017

Hey everyone, I hope you're well!
Since we've had so much nice weather here in the UK, I haven't really worn makeup that often but today I have a list of things I've been loving this month!


 The first product I've been loving this month is a super shock shadow from Colourpop in the shade Nillionaire. It's a gorgeous bronze shade with pink and gold glitter undertones. I have a few Colourpop shadows and the formula is like nothing I've ever used before! They're not quite a cream, but not a powder either and it took me a while to get used to. This shadow is perfect all over the lid for a warm brown smoky eye. I will definitely be buying more of these shadows, and if you haven't already you need to get some!

 Up next is a product that barely looks used, but trust me a little goes a long way! This one of the newish Strobe highlighters from Makeup Revolution in the shade Flash. I couldn't get the shade to pick up right in natural light but it's a gorgeous icy white highlighter with an iridescent finish. It looks absolutely gorgeous on, and suits paler skin tones perfectly. I've been wearing this every time I do my makeup, and you hardly need any on your brush to get a blinding highlight!

Another product I've loved this month by Makeup Revolution is their take on the matte lip kit in the shade Echelon. It's a beautiful cool toned brown nude, although the brown tones didn't really pick up in the photo. This is the perfect nude for lighter skin tones, and is great for everyday. The lip liner is super creamy, and glides on like a dream! The liquid lipstick doesn't dry out your lips and applies really nicely without going patchy. 

The last beauty item I've absolutely loved this month is a fragrance mist from Victoria's Secret. I saw these in my local Superdrug when I was shopping for makeup, and noticed they were on offer at 2 for  £16. I had a browse through the different scents and opted for Pure Seduction which has a lovely mix of red plum and freesia. I'm not usually a fan of really fruity scents but with this being a mist, it's not as strong as others and smells lovely but lasts a long time. 


Since the new season started, I have been hooked on Pretty Little Liars! I was a little late to the party, and only started watching it last year but I've binge watched it to high heaven and I've finally caught up. It took me a while to get into, because it just seemed a bit boring but it's got so good lately! This is the final ever season too so I know I'll probably cry at the last episode!

I haven't watched any new movies lately, but I've watched The Little Mermaid nearly everyday for the few weeks. I'd never watched it as a child and felt like I'd been missing out on something and now I think I'm obsessed with it haha! When I haven't been watching it, I've had the soundtrack on repeat and I'm pretty sure I know all the lyrics off by heart now!


Katy Perry ft Nicki Minaj - Swish Swish
Liam Payne - Strip That Down
Ariana Grande ft Future - Everyday
Harry Styles - Kiwi
Shawn Mendez - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber - I'm The One

So that's everything I've loved this month, I hope you enjoyed reading! If you want to see what other music I've been listening to, you can check out my Spotify here where I've made monthly playlists and a few other fun ones!


  1. I have just bought the exact same lip kit, I was so pleasantly surprised at how well it lasted! Love this post xxx

    Carrie |

  2. I have the Makeup Revolution highlighter in flash too.. it's stunning on isn't it?! I recently caught up with PLL and I just want the finale to hurry up.. I have so many theories on who A.D is!