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Monday, 8 May 2017

Primark Makeup Storage Review

I recently went browsing in Primark, not really looking for anything in particular and I stumbled across some makeup storage. I immediately had to look at everything and was shocked to find they had some super cute acrylic storage for just £2 so obviously I had to buy it!

 I picked up two of these multi-use storage units, which have space for 6 lipsticks, lip liners, and a few small compacts. As you can see, I've filled mine to the brim with products, and it's perfect for putting on my vanity so I can easily reach all my favourite products! I was so surprised at how much makeup they actually hold! I also have this unit in black, because I actually picked up the last clear one in my local shop, and while I'm not so much a fan of the black acrylic it still does it's job perfectly!

I also picked up two drawer sets which I've filled with products that I had no place for in my Alex drawers. I think these drawers were £4 which is such a good price for makeup storage! One of the drawers in one set does get stuck sometimes so the price does show but for 4 quid you can't really go wrong! They also have little rubber sheets inside that stop your products from moving around.

I've noticed some people have paid up to £30 for their acrylic storage, and while they do look a lot better than these sets, it all does the same thing! If you're on a budget, I'd definitely recommend these storage sets as they hold so much makeup and look really cute on your vanity/desk!


  1. Been eyeing these up for ages to get my makeup sorted out. Better be getting some now! Re the drawers sticking that wouldn't bother me because for £8 for both these sets is great!
    Becca //

  2. I use these too! I have the drawers and a lipstick holder and they do the job perfectly, and sooo much cheaper than other brands.