jeezlouisexo: Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette Review

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette Review

I'm sure by now, every man and his dog has got their hands on this palette. But today I have a review of the Morphe 35O eyeshadow palette.

I'll talk about the packaging itself first as I found it's has good and bad points. It is quite a big palette so there's no mirror which I'm not too fussed about. The packaging does feel a little bit flimsy and I'm scared that if I drop this palette, I might shatter the shadows inside. It's not very ideal for travelling since it's so big but I'm sure there are smaller palettes with a similar colour range.

I'd looked at so many Instagram photos of this palette so when I looked at the shades myself, I was surprised to see a few of the ones I thought were matte actually had a shimmer finish to them. This wasn't really a problem for me, but it might be something to think about if you prefer more matte shades.

The pigmentation is incredible, especially for such an affordable palette! I was so surprised to find that all the shades have a really good colour payoff. I did however notice that a few of the shimmer shades felt quite chunky, and had a lot of fallout. Some of that might be due to my poor swatches but when I applied it to my eyes, there was still some fallout.

I've only used this palette a handful of times but I'm absolutely in love with it! I'm a really big fan of warm tone eyeshadow looks so this is perfect for me and I can't believe I waited so long to get it! 

I did purchase this direct from the Morphe website and was expecting to be waiting forever for it to arrive but it actually only took a week which I thought was really good since it was shipped from the USA. I did end up with a customs fee from FedEx after the palette had been delivered and I think that was around £19 which compared to the $35 shipping fee was nothing! 

You can purchase this palette from Beauty Bay here, and Cult Beauty here. It's a very popular palette so is usually sold out but you can sign up to get updates for when it's restocked on either website!



  1. I want this palette so much! Waiting for it to be back in stock on cult beauty xx

    1. It's SO good, I'd definitely get it as soon as you can! Glad you enjoyed the post xx

  2. This palette looks so nice. I really don't know what morphe one to get!

    1. Literally any of them haha! You should definitely treat yourself ;) x

  3. Fantastic post. The colours on the pallet are so nice